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Leagues give players the opportunity to showcase their talents against others in a controlled, safe playing environment. Each league has its own set of rules and guidelines.  There are several leagues offered throughout the course of a year.  Men and Women ages 18+ can participate.  Check out our leagues for details and to register.


  • Men's Division: 7:00 pm-9:00 pm



Session: Men's Lacrosse

Days: Tuesdays

May 16, 23, & 30



The Lacrosse Warehouse

1401 Green Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33064




  • Wear Athletic Shorts & Shirts

  • Sneakers / Field Cleats / Turf Shoes

  • Sticks

  • Full Lacrosse Equipment / Goggles

  • Mouth Guards

  • Water Bottle



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View our cancellation policy.


For questions, please contact

League Schedule

For the season schedule, click here.

"The more you play, the better you get"

Here are what some of the top minds in Lacrosse are saying about Box Lacrosse.


"I knew that if I wanted to be one of the best players in the world, I would have to dedicate myself to both the indoor and the outdoor game.  Playing indoor lacrosse has been a great thing for my career. "

        -Casey Powell, MLL/NLL All-Star


"I believe that box lacrosse gives young players many more opportunities to excel in our game.  If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of twelve play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time.  The number of touches of the ball and the ability to develop better stick skills in a game of box lacrosse, far surpasses what happens to young people on a 110x60 yard field.  Learning how to pass and catch in traffic, understanding how to shoot, and developing a sense of physicality are all positive traits developed by the box game. "

        -Bill Tierney, US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, Denver University Head Coach, Princeton 6x National Champion, Team USA 1998


"One of the biggest benefits of playing box for a young lacrosse player is in the development of lacrosse IQ.  Because everyone plays with a short stick (in box lacrosse), you have to focus on being a complete lacrosse player versus specializing as an attackman or d-man.  That is how your IQ grows and skills improve."

        - University of Hartford Head Coach Peter Lawrence

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